Cosmos Series 1. Players Edition

Players English Willow, all about the performance!

As used by Jake Weatherald, the Cosmos is the end product of 12 months of product R&D that focussed on forging a bat shape perfect for one of the cleanest hitters that the BBL has seen in the last decade.

Weathers and Jack have worked tirelessly on the details of the Cosmos, from the discerning Navy Blue and holographic foil design pallete, to the bold bat shape which has been moulded to the game of a professional, and available to you!

Weight: 2.9-2.10.5
Blade length 53cm
Handle: 30.5cm oval handle for extreme control
Mid high middle position for superior feel and pick up

Pushing the limits, the Cosmos features some of the largest specifications within the MCC laws of bat size!

What you will get:

The exact shape that has been designed by JK, chosen from 5 of our best clefts available which is graded solely on performance and weight. Players willow focusses solely on performance, void of an interest to the grain structure and solely on the low density (lightness) of the willow.

Lead time 3-5 weeks from order confrimation.